About Me

Early morning on the beach

Early morning on the beach

The shoestring on which I have lived during my decision-making years never prevented me from cultivating a courageous life. In fact, I have relished the resourcefulness required to maintain a high-low lifestyle on a low-low budget, finding that, from this humble starting point, my experiences are all the more rich and rewarding.

For the first twenty-two years of my life, I lived through the stark cold winters and strikingly beautiful summers of upstate New York, as I was raised in Rochester and completed my bachelor’s in phenomenally colorful Ithaca.  I lolled about for a summer after graduation, biking in Madaket and waitressing in my hometown, and then, equipped with a six-month Canadian working visa, I hopped on a one-way, three-day train bound for Vancouver.  This journey fueled the momentum for three years of lolling around, during which I worked and played in a sublimely diverse host of places before moving back to Ithaca for graduate school.  After completing two years of coursework, I have signed a lease (!) in Washington DC where I am writing my thesis and hold a research position at an international non-profit.

UPDATE: I finished grad school, kept the job and stayed in DC, and now am moving back to Ithaca, where I’ll keep the job, and get a dog, finally.


6 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Chelsey Wallace Says:

    You are so smart, and a brilliant writer…keep it up!

  2. dad Says:


    Loved reading your journal. Thank you for sharing with me. Brought back so many memories of your journey to where you are today. As beautiful as the ear ring is in the picture, my eye was drawn to the beauty of “Orion’s belt.” Thank you for sharing. Miss you. Love you.

    • courtney Says:

      Thanks! It’s very fun to write, and, yes, it’s a great way to share my daily life with all the people I love that are scattered around…hope to see you and Suze in Florida soon!!

  3. Freya Says:

    Courtney! Keep it going girl, you are an amazing writer and I really enjoyed catching up with you through this. You and T have to come visit La La Land soon. The Coolhaus truck and ice cream sammies await you!

  4. D Says:

    I just discovered this and thrilled to be able to maintain a link, albeit virtual, to your world during our Atlantic separation. Keep up the lively entries! x

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