About HFNT

The name of my blog borrows from the French political party Chasse, Pêche, Nature, Traditions (CPNT) that aims to defend the traditional values of rural France—being neither right or left but representing rural people on the whole in their diversity.  I like the name. I like the activities. I like the values.

The inspiration to start a blog came one sleepless night, a few years ago, when I first moved to DC:  I lay awake in the wee hours of the morn considering what kind of life it was that made me happy, and decided that it wasn’t the kind I was in danger of living in Washington. But I decided that even in my new digs, and as a winding-down graduate student with a cool, good-for-the-world job, I should be able to perpetuate a mode of living and style that was grounded and free-spirited and classic and forward-thinking and all my own.  I could explore the hidden cultural avenues and seek the unique and off-the-beaten path places in the nation’s capital.  I could be inspired to escape.  And why not share this spirited joie de vivre with anyone else who wanted it?

The name of my blog is a subtle reminder that I started writing it when I moved to a dramatically political city, and aimed to keep myself true by highlighting the diverse, appreciating tradition, and, time and again, retreating to the beautiful countryside beyond.  Now I am permanently retreating to the beautiful countryside of upstate New York, where HFNT promises to find it’s fullest expression.

Except where noted, the photographs were taken by moi.


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