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16 September 2011

McCann’s steel cut oats are my cold weather breakfast staple. So chewy and nutty, rib-sticking and soul-warming. They make me feel like Wonder Woman—even after too many pints of Guinness the night before.  In fact, if it’s Sunday morning, you might want to consider accompanying your bowl of oats with a nice pint of Guinness. That will really build your mojo!


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Corvus corax

9 September 2011

Many times upon a dreary day…and a sunny one too…I think about the marvelous Corvidae and how they are my favorite family of birds (you have a favorite family of birds, don’t you?).



Susan Rothenberg’s Raven is sort of Nordic, sort of Edward Scissorhands, and very lonely.  But just like a crow, looking at it brings me a lot of peace.

If you’re in New York, catch her exhibit this fall at Sperone Westwater in The Bowery.