Far and away

Carolyn Roumeguere is beyond. I’ve followed her life for a few years now, through Visions of Africa, Gypset Style and her own jewelry work. I recently visited her website where I found the spectacular video below that glimpses at her unique upbringing, techniques and influences, and world a-yonder. She seems to be living—very successfully—a life that I thought only existed in the past. I was especially intrigued by the cameo of her mother, a world-famous anthropologist who fell in love with a Masaai warrior, and, joined by her children from a previous marriage and her new husband’s other wives, adopted a nomadic life in the Mara. Now Carolyn seemingly maneuvers Nairobi, Paris and Jaipur; the earth and air with equal poise.

Carolyn Roumeguere – The Airborn Nomad from Carolyn Roumegeuere on Vimeo.


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