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25 August 2011

Laura Ashley reminds me of acting like a little lady when I was a young girl. Clarks reminds me of the black Wallabies I used to wear as a waitress. But, sweet surprise, the two disparate brands are enjoined in the thing I so immensely want to don these days.

Desert Boot in Rose Hip.  Alas, they’re not available in the States.

Hello, my British friends? Help!


Soujourn Selina

15 August 2011

Selina Van Der Geest’s NL-GB in Millbrook, NY has been on my to-do list for some time now. Until I get there in person, I e-travel via her cool website, to the tunes of her sister, Sophie Solomon.

A quote from the Nov/Dec 2006 edition of Departures sums up the journey nicely: “I know NL-GB, Inc. sounds like code. Which it is—for totally discreet, unrestrained chic.”

Surprise a-DAKS

11 August 2011

DAKS has got credentials: Established 1894. Bespoke. Old Bond Street. HRH‘s across the board. Conquered Asian market.

I’m drooling over A/W 2011.


Note: quilt skirt requires wasp waist…

Is this how you would have imagined ode-to-Amy beehives juxtaposed with ode-to-the-Queen footwear juxtaposed with tweedy British separates? Brilliant.

Timeless grace

9 August 2011

I love this photo of Princess Grace, walking with a young Princess Stephanie, in the streets of Monaco, 1969. To me, she is at once earthy and regal, and I think she could wear this today and still look very modern.

Life Mission

8 August 2011

I am feeling the love for the young-at-heart these days. I was yesterday replenished by a spontaneous conversation with a Turkish octogenarian under an oak tree at the farmers’ market. She told me about her folk dancing and I told myself not to worry about my own dying grandfather.

In this spirit, enjoy these Juergen Teller photos of a man who has got my new friend by a decade. Ninety years of living renders strong and sweet and slightly rakish Ottavio “Tai” Missoni.

From the Missoni F/W 2011 ad campaign.  See fuller collection here. Images copyright Juergen Teller.

Far and away

3 August 2011

Carolyn Roumeguere is beyond. I’ve followed her life for a few years now, through Visions of Africa, Gypset Style and her own jewelry work. I recently visited her website where I found the spectacular video below that glimpses at her unique upbringing, techniques and influences, and world a-yonder. She seems to be living—very successfully—a life that I thought only existed in the past. I was especially intrigued by the cameo of her mother, a world-famous anthropologist who fell in love with a Masaai warrior, and, joined by her children from a previous marriage and her new husband’s other wives, adopted a nomadic life in the Mara. Now Carolyn seemingly maneuvers Nairobi, Paris and Jaipur; the earth and air with equal poise.

Carolyn Roumeguere – The Airborn Nomad from Carolyn Roumegeuere on Vimeo.


1 August 2011

Katherine Hooker London has just announced her 2011 American Trunk Show Tour.  Ms Hooker’s collection is the epitome of well-fit and well-suited.  And the publicity photo below, which I just received via email, is how I’m styling my Saturday mornings this autumn.