Icebergs are immensely thought-provoking. There’s the classic depth-of-life metaphor, and then there are the actual icebergs, afloat in an alien world, that really compel one to ponder the vastness and diversity of our planet.

I am astounded this morning by the photographs of icebergs taken by Camille Seaman [isn’t it incredible how often folks’ last names align with their life’s work?].  I was led to her work by the Outside Blog, which writes:

“In 1999,  Camille Seaman gave up her seat on a one-hour flight from Oakland to L.A. and scored a round trip ticket anywhere in the world. She chose Alaska. Once there, she decided to walk from a coastal town named Kotzebue across the ice towards Russia. After feeling cold, lost, and somewhat panicked, she had a moment where she stopped, looked around, and felt a connection to the earth. That one moment ignited a passion for Arctic landscapes that she turned into a career photographing icebergs.

Camille literally captures the tip of the iceberg to look deep.

(images credited to Camille Seaman, via google images)


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