Chance acquaintance

I recently put an order into Julia Leach’s new venture, Chance.  Julia is the former Creative Director of Kate Spade and seems pretty cool, and she drives an old black truck (like me!).  So I’ll just toss out whatever misgivings I had about how prim and proper her former venture is.

Some glitches in ordering online found the immediate attention of Julia (the mis/fortunes of dealing with what is effectively a one-woman-show)…she certainly seems Minnesota nice.

My order (LS shirt, SS shirt, tank, shorts) arrived ONE DAY after it was finally put through and I couldn’t be happier. The Peruvian cotton is soft and tissue-thin but the formidable quality and structure mean that the seams won’t disintegrate after one season of washing <— this is the most persistent recent trend, ahem. The Breton stripes are authentic in their dusky-naviness  but the lack of heft is modern.  I was surprised how flattering I found the vertical ribbing on the tee and tank.  That’s just quality.

Super-reasonable and super-classic.  Can’t-go-wrong wardrobe builders.  Look for a capsule collection coming soon, and do check frequently the Discoveries section of the website for some excellent tidbits.


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