Digest 12/11/09: christmas cheese

Hey! It's another christmas song!


No need to reinvent the wheel. During the week, I collect my five favorite articles and then post them Friday. Look for a wide spectrum, and I welcome you to send suggestions. 

1. This article from The New Yorker relates current health care reform with changes to agriculture at the turn of the 20th century. Really intriguing hypothesis, plus interesting history. 

2. A single mother of two from Seattle is, essentially, punished for finding innovative ways to make ends meet.  This is pretty discouraging. 

3. Because I just yesterday finished Kim, in honor of Rudyard Kipling, a tale of his time in Vermont.  

4.  I wish I had a robot right now to finish my thesis*. 

5.  Party on, bright young things, and dress to kill!  I’ll be right there with you, even if I don’t get that robot. 

*I promise, this is the last time I mention it. It’s being submitted Monday at 1 pm sharp. 

Wishing you the Hap-Hap-Happiest.  

A cherry cherry christmas? you bet!



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