Guy Reading

Timbavati, November 2007

Books and more books, parties and more parties. This is the time of year when I most love a swirling social calendar, and when  I can, with equal zest, curl into a chair with a long tome and a mug of rum-spiked hot cider. I’ve got a wish list of books to finish reading by the end of the year (Dark Star Safari, Kim) and an emerging list for 2010 (Ayn Rand, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Donella Meadows).

I recently came across this booklist from the Sundance people–“New Manly Man Reading.” Manly man reading is one of my favorite genres, and these are true classics to add to my list.  I love the catalog description: “From mastery to mystery, courage to contrarianism, the follies of empire to the frivolous but phantasmagoric 60s…guy reading all, battles and brawls, brains keen and focused and then, not so.”

I think these would make superb gifts, yes?

  • The Long Goodbye, Raymond Chandler
  • The Siege of Krishnapur, T.G. Farrell
  • Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me, Richard Fariña
  • The New York Trilogy, Paul Auster
  • Lost in Utter Pradesh, Evan S. Connell
  • So Brave, Young, and Handsome, Leif Enger
  • Driftless, David Rhodes
  • The Battle Cry of Freedom, James M. McPherson

Incidentally, you can go to the Sundance Catalog and purchase the entire lot for just under $100.  I’ll saunter over to Second Story Books on P in Dupont or Idle Time Books down the block on 18th.

Also. I am silently and slowly redecorating my apartment with the dusty, dog-eared, mechanical wallpaper known as bookshelves. Please help me—what is good out there?

Back to the real world now.



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