Tattoo You

Remember what I said about cut flowers? That it is their extreme transiency that makes them so decadent? I think the opposite must be true about tattoos: their permanence makes them bold. The vase of posies withering and wilting makes one appreciate the fleetingness of life, but a tattoo is a reminder of the endurance of life, that no matter how long you are here on this earth and no matter what you do and what choices you make and who depends on you and who you are dependent upon, you have got this tattoo with you along the way. Do we get them so that, one day, when we are old and withered and wilting too, we can be reminded that once we were young and lively and courageous? Are tattoos a fountain of youth? A symbol of reassurance to our future (older, wiser) selves?

I don’t know, but I’ve always thought they were cool. Take a look below, recent photos from Garance Doré and Yvan Rodic.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Photo credit:


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