Oh, desolee! Plus, Halloween.

Well, I apologize for not posting in a while. It probably wasn’t so smart for me to start a blog whilst writing the bulk of my thesis. Expect things to stay thin until mid-December. Then I hope to write again, richly and often.

There are so many things I want to tell you about. I’ve been collecting woollen goods from Pendleton. I’ve been buying dresses in anticipation for holiday parties. I’ve been investigating dinner candles. I’ve been researching westerns to prepare for writing my own.

I’ve got a great mirrored magenta and blue caftan from Pakistan that I bought eons ago at the Salvy in Rochester and I’m going to wear it for Halloween as Talitha Getty. Also good because it is floor-length and hides the ugly boot I have to don as my sprained foot heals. Oh, I didn’t tell you about that? Nothing exciting, I promise. But I am happy to report that GW is a fantastic emergency room.

life is tragic

What can I tell you about Talitha Getty? Born in 1940 to Dutch parents in Indonesia, she was a sometime model and London It Girl that Rudolf Nureyev wanted to marry but J. Paul Getty II actually did. The couple moved to Marrakech, hosted the Stones and the Beatles for weeks of hallucinogenic debauchery, famously influenced the designs of Yves Saint Laurent, and had a son Tara who now is a premier conservationist and lives in a gorgeous game lodge in South Africa.  In Rome, at the age of 30, Talitha died of a heroin overdose.

I’ll post a photo if the costume goes well and I’m not feeling too shy.

Other things to come (I promise!): my year-long book list, photos of the shoes my best friend is buying me at the YSL sale en Paree, life musings, secret recipes, heady perfumes, and maybe something about humpback whales battling a-sea…

Happy Halloween!


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