Digest 10/9/09

Cataract Canyon, Utah

Cataract Canyon, Utah

No need to reinvent the wheel. During the week, I collect my five favorite articles and then post them Friday. Look for a wide spectrum, and I welcome you to send suggestions.

1. Photoshopping mishaps never fail to entertain. From Time, this photoessay of deliberate photo doctoring packs in some cool history, too.

2.  This Happy Days column pulls at your heart and soul. Read it, then go here and here, and then get the book, “the most important and beautiful book to come out of the West in a decade.”

3. This is absolutely hilarious. Sent in by, as Dave Barry calls them, an alert reader. Also, Old Night Parrots of New Zealand would be a great name for a band.

4.  Shout out to my brilliant college roomie Freya and her star-studded adventures in ice cream. Courtesy of none other than that little Time magazine.

5. This article couldn’t be more perfect. About nature and being nice, and it hails from my hometown.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone. C


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