Country Couture

Ricky Lauren, nee Low-Beer

Ricky Lauren, center. No one does the look better. Photo credit:

Ah, fall fashion. Every year, about this time, people start to dust off their collegiate finest, their musty tweeds, the rich greens, golds, russets, heathers, and chestnuts that color autumnal couture. But this year is truly exceptional. I don’t know if it goes hand-in-hand with the explosive interest in farming and farm culture, but country chic is decidedly in the collective air. British Vogue this month features the look, harking it back to the Sloane Ranger pack led by pre-Charles Diana. Garance Dore first hinted at the trend when it was still practically summer.*  American Vogue picked up on it as well, showing herringbone wool shorts with piles of sweaters and scarves. (The shorts and tights look, incidentally, is one of my favorite transition looks.)  I always likened the trend to an obsession with New England fall; New England fall, after all, translates to lots of outdoors time, apple picking, raking leaves, football games (thus the co-ed theme) and of course New England fall necessitates bundling up. This blend of form and function is one of the rare trends that is perfectly sensible, echoing the theme of practicality that is reverberating through fashion weeks from New York to Paris (just refer to the Style section).
oh, weird

Speaking of Prince Charles, you must know that he has been at the forefront of the organic movement since the latter part of the twentieth century, but have you checked out the website for his farm and its products? Duchy Originals has its own cookbook and blog and farmer resources. It’s oh-so-lovely. And the photos from the English countryside will inspire you to don your Barbour and Wellies as you maneuver fall fashion.
*plus, she mentions Chasse, Peche, Nature, Tradition, c’est genial, oui!?
Some good places to start:
Amira Casar, #7 on Vogue’s Best Dressed this week (more on them later)

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