Billy Baroo

Tucked away on MacArthur Blvd in Potomac, MD is the super enjoyable Billy Goat Trail. It’s a much-loved potent little hike—short but physically fun and visually rewarding.  I had been once last foliage-splendored fall, and this past weekend, with the leaves on their last breath of summer verdure, was just as marvelous.  Only a few minutes out of town, but surrounded once again by non-city trees and non-city birds, I was revived. The sun at its apex in a fiercely blue sky diamond’d the river, luring us as we climbed the ramparts for the best views from the top.  What fun it is to spring from boulder to boulder, and oh the agony of misjudging! Wildlife sightings included a Great Blue Heron roosting atop a green-leafy tree and a fat water snake, who surfed his way down a cascading lock to pop up camouflaged by froth downstream and then slither into a crack in the lock wall, causing a scampering of skittish amphibians along the way. 

2 003

2 019

2 017

Next up…Old Rag…Happy Hiking, Courtney.


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