Amelia E.

Amelia E.

It’s on my life list to become an aviatrix, probaly since I first read Karen Blixen’s account of her initial flight with Finch-Hatton over the Rift Valley: “and now I understand everything.”  But at this time, lacking the significant time and resources required, I must be satisfied with dressing like one, living vicariously through books, and taking the reigns for a few seconds when G, the father of A, takes me up in his Cessna.  Other suggestions:

  • I have just received a promo code from J.Peterman (har har) and used it to purchase the Fort Knox PX sunglasses I’ve been wanting for some time now. I think they’re going to be quite cool and they are certainly advertised as unisex but if they’re a bit too manly even for me, I’ll regift them to T and go on filching his Ray-Bans like I do now.  Promocode: UPTICK *through October 1 (as in tomorrow, go!)
  • West with the Night is one of my favorite books…Beryl Markham (like Karen Blixen, she was one of Denys Finch-Hatton’s lovers) pens a beautifully written autobiography of her days in East Africa as a bush pilot and horsewoman
  • Looking forward to the Amelia Earhart biopic starring the unstoppable Hilary Swank, premieres 10/23

Into the wild blue yonder of Wednesday…Courtney


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