HFNT Digest: 9/25/09

En route to Carter Notch, New Hampshire

En route to Carter Notch, New Hampshire


No need to reinvent the wheel. During the week, I collect my five favorite articles and then post them Friday. Look for a wide spectrum, and I welcome you to send suggestions.

Week of 25 September 2009: *Delayed this week, was Maid of Honor at a gorgeous wedding in Marblehead Mass this past weekend. Made me miss the northeast very very much. I am wearing lots of Bean today.

1.  Nothing new for my fellow Cornellians. Thanks Jim Maas.

2.  Four decades ago, T’s mom told me when I sent her this article earlier this week, the order of happiness was: married men, unmarried men, unmarried women, married women. Some things change, some things stay the same.

3.  Kubla Khan is the lone, handwritten resident on my closet door. Not into Coleridge (or poetry in general)? Maybe this article will get you going. Or at least brighten your outlook. It’s from Happy Times, a NY Times set of articles that discuss the search for contentment in its various forms amidst the economic downturn.

4.  Cheerful WASPS. A little levity. A topic that will always intrigue.

5.  Like I said, I miss the northeast. But also, there’s a nice mention of DC fave Tabard Inn in this one. Now you’ll know where those oysters came from.

Happy Almost-October…Courtney


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