My computer ate my blog post. Really, I had typed up a fascinating account yesterday of how I shook Lady Obama’s hand last Thursday at the opening of the new White House farmers market. I remarked that red carpets and farmers markets are rather odd bedfellows. I described how Michelle touted this initiative as not only opening a new consumer base for regional farmers but as a way for the government to take care of its employees. Then I became militant and demanded that all employers take proper care of their employees, because it is nice and respectful and because it is a good management decision. I subsequently realized that I was beginning to sound like Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms in VA, probably due to the fact that I’m knee-deep in his book “Everything I Want To Do is Illegal.” Then I compared Joel, in his radical but weirdly relatable ways, to Ted Nugent. It was quite a post. I hit publish and all was lost. So that’s the recap, here are the pictures:

The line-up: Mayor Fenty, Michelle ma belle, Ag Sec Tom Vilsack, other local local foods luminaries

The line-up: Mayor Fenty, Michelle ma belle, Ag Sec Tom Vilsack, other local local foods luminaries

Eat your arugula!

Eat your arugula!



Why Buffalove?  Well I was just about to thoroughly enjoy the piece-by-piece decimation of my MacDinosaur via the In-Sink-Erator when I realized it was nearly 4 and so instead I raced to McFadden’s to eat hot wings, drink a bucket of Labatt’s, and, amongst a mass gathering of Upstaters, watch the Bills……………WIN! I forgot all about my shitty laptop and went home and roasted the duck I bought earlier that day at the Dupont F.M. along with some winter squash and blue potatoes. I chopped off the tip of my left ring finger in the process but not even that got me down. The Bills make me wanna shout!


2 Responses to “Buffalove”

  1. Julia Says:

    your blog looks great and love the name! so cool that you met Michelle…
    all the best, Julia

  2. Digest 11/20/09 plus a wee note « Hunting Fishing Nature Tradition Says:

    […] Two pieces of REALLY good news, before you get your links. 1: I am going to Wageningen at The Netherlands for a pre-Copenhagen conference for a few days right after Thanksgiving in sunny Florida. 2: I got an early birthday present, and I’m typing on it right now. It is fast and beautiful, slim and sleek, quiet and accented with a citrusy orange. I just love my new laptop. (As you know, I needed one.) […]

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