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Yoga is good.    photo credit: Studio Serenity

Yoga is good. photo credit: Studio Serenity

It’s not in my sphere of burden to elaborate on the benefits of yoga—I’ll leave that to the experts.  But I would like to share with you all, especially my readers that live in the District, how much I love my studio here in Adam’s Morgan: Studio Serenity.

Last January, when I was in town for some time between Ithaca semesters, I bought a newcomer’s pass—$10 for 10 days, unlimited.  This ridiculously good offer, I soon found out, very much reflects the philosophy of the studio, which espouses democracy and community and accessibility of yoga to all (at a usual $17 per class, it’s not—Serenity regularly offers $8 and charity classes).

Serenity was founded by Katja Brandis, a woman whose background story is as universally inspiring and beautiful as she is. Truly, she is breathtaking. The teachers she has hired are smart, kind, warm, and quite diverse, and so it is in their own unique ways that they extend Katja’s vision.

I also have to mention that the studio lives above a Subway. It’s comical, because now whenever I encounter the distinctive, enduring perfume of Subway baking its hoagies, my Pavlovian responses erect my posture, settle my nerves, and unearth within me a tiny hint of the grace that Katja and her teachers possess, and that the experts I mentioned have filled books describing. It’s good stuff.

Renovations and additions to the studio finished last month, strengthening and expanding the Serenity community. Come join! Excellent times to check out the studio in the next couple weeks: Adam’s Morgan Day, Sunday 9/13, 12-7 pm; Kirtan bash with Dave Stringer, 9/18, 7:30-9 $20 advance, $25 at the door

2469 18th st NW, (202) 528-yoga, 12 bus lines take you within two blocks


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