Lovely Monday (and some gross-outs)

No sarcasm intended, this morning is gorgeous. Refreshingly cool, there was a veritable spring to my step as I walked downtown. And I didn’t pass one garbage truck, which is my metric for a truly excellent commute. I’m not usually a queasy person, but the smell and the associations make me gag.

Dock fishing at Keuka (tank, American Apparel; skirt from a boutique in Ukiah, CA)

Dock fishing at Keuka (tank, American Apparel; skirt from a boutique in Ukiah, CA)

Had a fantastic weekend upstate (that is, Keuka Lake, NY). Corn, tomatoes, wine, and, in a literal take on my blog title, lots of fishing. I out-sported the boys Sunday morning, and in just an hour or so, caught two red-eyed rock bass, a yellow-bellied sunfish, a bull head (oh nachtmahr, another thing that grosses out this supposedly strong-stomached girl), and a final little finned creature that resembled a sunfish but lacked the distinctive markings–I have to refer to my guides.  To me, accurately identifying my surroundings is what makes life interesting, makes me appreciate life’s overwhelming diversity.

En route home yesterday, picked up a gorgeous watercolor of two wood ducks at an antique shop in central PA. It’s going behind my couch. This, and other recent and forthcoming apartment fix-ups to come…



3 Responses to “Lovely Monday (and some gross-outs)”

  1. dad Says:


    Hard to tell, but that looks like the bull head in the picture. I am sure you knew, or now know, how to stay away from the very sharp, and painful if punctured by, “horns” on each side of the bull head. When I was a kid the commercial fisherman in Chaumont Bay taught me how to clean bull heads with specially designed “bull head” pliers. Very gross, but effective, procedure. Will especially miss not being with you this weekend. Will think of you often, as I always do. Love you.

  2. courtney Says:

    I’d be a disappointment to those who trained me as a guide if I didn’t follow up: my sunfish were pumpkinseed and bluegill. Fantastic.

  3. Brian Says:

    Well done C.

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