School season

I’m big on seasonality. I love the traditions and temperatures of each and every one, I’m always ready for the change, and I always treat myself at the transition with a few goodies. Fall is for sure my favorite of the four, for the crisp air, apples, pumpkins, foliage, sports, and the fresh turn of academics.

I’ve been able to arrange it so that I spend the final semester of my masters in DC, and this very morning marked the start of orientation at the Cornell Center in Dupont.  So by afternoon I was primed for some temps pour moi.  I picnicked in Rose Park, where a charming little corgi named Bailey said hello and tried to pilfer a smidgen of my Fage, and then strolled down M Street, stopping in my favorite shops to purchase some autumnal wardrobe supplements:

  • From Rugby, an olive drab ruffle-neck sleeveless blouse made in the lightest of gauze. Sexy or studious, depending on the level of unbuttonness.
  • From Anthropologie, silk genie pants, one pair in olive drab and another in black.  Silk is the best fabric to take the autumn chill out, and these are tremendously comfortable. I am going to live in them this fall! I also purchased a zippered hoodie that hits mid-thigh and is the most soothing lavender hue.
  • From Annie Creamcheese, a truly stunning rose-embroidered vintage Lolita Lempicka jacket. Lavender-grey, with a row of tiny silk toggles, and a flatteringly gathered waist. Such a find.

I’ll post pictures as I wear these (might be another month or two before I can break out the jacket, must be patient).  Right now, with my brand new Georgetown U library card that I picked up this morning, I’m here on campus to fill up on books. A fantastic fall-anticipating afternoon, hope you enjoyed yours too! C

Picnic accoutrements

Picnic accoutrements

Rose Park, cross the M St bridge into Georgetown, turn right at the sign for the park and walk a couple hundred yards to the big lawn where the leash-less dogs are frolicking

Rugby, 1065 Wisconsin Avenue NW

Anthropologie, 3222 M St NW

Annie Creamcheese, 3279 M St NW  *truly a wonderful place. so much fun. amazing cowboy boots. 20% of everything right now. go!

Georgetown University Lauinger Library, 37th and O St NW *G2 bus drops you off at the door, bring ID


2 Responses to “School season”

  1. Chelsey Wallace Says:

    mmm sounds like you picked up some nice fall essentials…i think i could use a pair of those silk genie pants

    • courtney Says:

      Yes, they are great! I would’ve picked up more, but sadly found only one of each size (actually, they are 2 different sizes as it is–I love baggy). Come to DC and borrow them!

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