Flower power

A late summer bouquet

A late summer bouquet

There is nothing that makes a room more vibrant than living flora, and while I love a verdant tree or potted succulent, it is the gorgeous colors and immense variety of fresh flowers that enliven my spirit. And, too, there is something about the transient nature of cut stems that appeals to me—that I must enjoy a bouquet right now spurs a similar sort of thinking elsewhere in my day.

Imagine my delight when I received notice of Petals for the People, a regular flower subscription service founded by Sarah von Pollaro of Urban Petals Floral Design.  The quasi-CSA set up first attracted me, but the mission of making flowers affordable and unintimidating was what made me sign up on the spot. So now, every other Thursday, I pick up in Dupont an impressive, smile-inducing bunch of colors and greens (Sidenote: I’ve been subscribed for four weeks but haven’t yet been able to pick them up myself. Thank you T—although he doesn’t mind as he draws a lot of attention on the walk home!).

Back at the apartment, I get creative. I arrange them to my fancy, using all sorts of different bowls, bottles, and pitchers I’ve got lying around.  I don’t know anything formal about flower arranging—except that odd numbers generally look most natural—but I’m learning what I like and making art on an entirely new medium.  Right now, I’ve got a massive vase of Leucandron Jester and redskin mums on the dining room table, a trio of gypsy curiosa roses in a glass bottle on the hutch, and I am welcomed home by the roma calla liles nested in seeded eucalyptus that center my foyer table.  Plus, I’ve dried the lavender thistle and yellow roses from last week, which now whisper a sweet goodnight from my nightstand.

Petals for the People


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