Red Chair jewelry

Red Chair Mod Pod earrings

Red Chair Mod Pod earrings

My beloved friend D was visiting from her hometown of Lausanne yesterday afternoon, and together we attended a friend’s jewelry party at the Westin Grand in Foggy Bottom. Heidi’s jewelry, Red Chair, is boldly colorful and impressively eclectic. She is an undeniable creative force! Whilst sipping bubbly and nibbling on chocolate covered berries (and perusing through a collection of thoughtful photographs Heidi’s boyfriend Jan displayed), D and I played dress-up with the baubles. Eventually, I settled on a gorgeous pair of earrings Heidi lovingly calls the ‘Mod Pod’ after their 1960s lapis blue beads that resemble seed pods. D grabbed a swell necklace of matte rock candy crystals offset by a silver double-pyramid bead made by the Touaregs. We both wore them out of the hotel.

Purchase Red Chair jewelry here

And check out Heidi’s blog

As well as Jan’s photographs


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  1. dad Says:


    Am enjoying keeping up with your “cultural foraging”.

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