Ithaca the gorgeous

A coo at Kingbird Farm

A coo at Kingbird Farm

I’m in Ithaca for the week. Hard to call it work, but technically that’s the reason. For this project, we are interviewing local farmers, agriculture practitioners, and Cornell researchers, ultimately to result in a 12 minute film depicting the local food movement in the Finger Lakes area.  From its humble beginnings several decades ago to the innovations of today and the lofty visions of tomorrow, we will tell this story, and highlight the unique connections and relationships that form the foundation of the movement and differentiate it so drastically from the agribusiness model. Very soon, both the case study I’ve written and the film we’re working on as a team will be available on the AgricultureBridge website, and, I think, worth checking out. One of the most profound and unique ways we can connect to the earth and sun is to reconnect with our food and who is growing it. It is not only the barrage of E.coli scares that has fueled a countermovement that aims to reestablish transparency on the supply chain, but a larger desire to diminish the temporal and geographical distance between the farm and the table. Direct connections are life-enriching—go to your farmers’ market, and have a conversation with a vendor about her sweet corn or his homemade blueberry pie or whatever looks particularly beautiful that day, and see if it’s not true!


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